Challenge Events

From time to time, The Bears also host challenge events for local businesses and organisations. The challengers playing against the team will gather sponsors and commit to a game with the ‘prize’ being the money raised either donated to a charity of their choice (if the challengers win) or to The Bears.
These are usually very informal and fun events which can be used as a team bonding exercise whilst helping out a local sports club and/or charity.

Knights Challenge 1

Knights Challenge 1 Knights Challenge 1
Bears V NFU employees

Bears V NFU employees Bears V NFU employees

‘We wanted to challenge the Bears as it provided us with a good team building opportunity, whilst doing something quite different. Before we played we were a little unsure of what to expect, but Tom made it really easy to organise and the team were so friendly that we forgot our inhibitions within minutes. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening (as evidenced by the copious amounts of laughing that took place) and the experience exceeded our expectations of just how positive it would be. I would definitely recommend it to other organisations.’

Gemma Johnson
Employee Relations Specialist
Group HR
NFU Mutual Insurance