About The Club

The ethos of the Bears is to create a setting for local individuals to have a club where they can play competitive sport in a high level competition as well as providing a place for local disabled people to come together and offer advice, support and share experiences.

The Bears also organise their own fundraising activities; such as Bag Packing events, demonstrations, school taster sessions to name a few.

All money raised by the club goes towards sports hall hire, purchase of specialised wheelchairs, kit and other equipment used in the running of the sport.

No salaries are paid to any management members and limited amounts are spent on administration and expenses.
All management members are volunteers and give their time freely.

Bears Bag Packing Event - October 2014
Bears Bag Packing Event – October 2014
Sponsored Push - August 2009
Sponsored Push – August 2009

The team also meet up regularly away from the basketball court on social occasions, giving a chance for members to get to know each other better. We believe this is a fundamental aspect as, by doing so, the team performs better together. As well as meeting for a drink after training, we also try to have an annual Christmas party for all members as well as an Awards night to celebrate achievements for the season.

Christmas Party- December 2008
Christmas Party- December 2008
After Match Social - March 2015
After Match Social – March 2015